Want Cuan During a Pandemic? Buy Primary Property!


There are many things to consider when buying property, one of which is deciding whether to buy primary or secondary property. Photo/Doc

JAKARTA – Many things to consider when buying property , one of them decides to buy primary or secondary property. Although both can meet the needs of the board, there are still significant differences.

Speaking of primary and secondary property, did you know that buying new property is considered more profitable. As stated by Head of Marketing SQ Res, Hammy Sugiharto.

According to him, buying a primary project especially during a pandemic like now is the right time, because currently many developers are providing various attractive promos, ranging from price discounts, direct prizes or easy installment payments.

“This condition can be used by prospective home buyers to get affordable prices and various direct prizes,” said Hammy.

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Another advantage of buying primary property is that you no longer need to bother with renovating, this is very important especially if you buy residential property, because not a few used residential buildings were damaged when purchased.

“Not only that, if you buy a new residence, the KPA application process is also easier, because currently many developers have worked with banks to provide KPA facilities,” said Hammy.

If you are currently interested in buying a new residence, apartment SQ Res can be an attractive option. This vertical residence located in the TB Simatupang area, South Jakarta is very suitable for those of you who want to have a comfortable place to live, a strategic location and complete facilities.

One of the advantages of the SQ Res apartment is its location which is surrounded by public transportation facilities. For example, it is only 500 meters from Fatmawati MRT Station and then 600 meters from Lebak Bulus MRT Station. To make it easier for apartment residents, the manager also provides shuttle facilities in the form of a shuttle bus to the station.

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