Giving Aesthetic Touch and Home Comfort Through the Facade


Many things can be done to beautify the front of the house or facade. Photo/Special

JAKARTA – Many things can be done to beautify the front of the house or facade. The shape of the facade can even be interpreted as a picture of the wishes and character of the occupants of the house.

In the formation of a facade, aesthetic criteria as well as other considerations such as the environment and climatic conditions greatly affect the appearance that will be generated. In making the facade structure, the theme and suitability to the environment, shape, color, material, and point of interest provide a certain detailed appearance on each side.

The processing of every element on the front of the house, such as walls, eaves, windows, must be carefully considered so that the facade can appear more charming and luxurious.

“The theme of the facade is always adapted to the environment around the house. This is so that the facade looks more integrated with the surrounding environment,” said architect Haris Prabawa.

You also definitely have the desire to look different. For that, when you want to change it, you must still pay attention to the harmony with the entire area around the house.

For the appearance of a small house, it’s a good idea to prioritize choosing an uncomplicated theme so that it still looks spacious from the front.

“The processing of the shape of the facade is usually based on the theme as well as the climatic and environmental conditions. As much as possible, use canopied formations to minimize the impact of heat and tampias due to rainfall,” said Haris.

For the appearance of a small house, you can make a practical minimalist form of choice. As for houses that have sufficient land area, the selection of facade styles can be adjusted to your liking and can provide more expressive creations from various styles, such as classic, traditional, and even modern.

You can also give a touch of trick facade appearance by giving a touch of color that will give a distinct impression when you see the appearance of your residence. Color processing can surprise anyone who observes it. Color can also provide a point of interest for a house in a certain area.

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