Introducing a Tropical Style Privacy Space


JAKARTA – One of the rooms that must be in every house is bathroom . However, what if this privacy room comes with a natural tropical style. Of course it will be memorable and fun and can be a place of relaxation after a day of activities.

Creating a bathroom that is healthy and in accordance with residential style has its own challenges. Presenting the right design will circulate air smoothly and try to keep the room half open. This will make it easier for sunlight to enter the bathroom. (Read: Intend Daily Activities Are Worth Rewarding)

If you are interested bathroom design with a tropical style, you should provide a partition to separate between dry and wet areas. Then, what does a tropical-style bathroom design look like?

“You should pay attention to the natural lighting and ventilation first. The goal is to avoid this room from being damp so that the bathroom will be healthier and easier to clean,” interior designer, Rina Renvile.

Tropical bathroom designs are usually made close to the garden area and are given a transparent area. However, if your privacy area does not allow to be placed facing the garden, you can decorate it by placing green plants in this area.

In addition, you have to pay attention to some basic elements as well as complementary accessories. The basic elements of this tropical bathroom are showers, baths, toilet and sink. The main function of a shower is to clean the body and the water sprays are smooth like rainwater and this design is perfect for complementing a tropical-design bathroom. (Also read: Keep your weight in check during a pandemic)

“In terms of placement, the shower can be placed in the bathtub or have its own area. If you want to place it yourself, you can add a stone or ceramic seat,” said Rina.

Bathtub for bathroom Tropical nuances actually have a function as a tool for bathing activities, which are generally for relaxation purposes. In essence, choose a bathtub that fits your bathroom design, maybe an oval bathtub shape is more suitable to be combined in a tropical bathroom. In addition, choose a bathtub with easy-to-clean materials such as resin, ceramic, or solid marble.

The next element to pay attention to is the sink. If the bathroom space is large enough, it never hurts to install two sinks at once. The most basic materials used for sinks are ceramic and stainless steel. However, there is nothing wrong with using a sink made of other materials, such as glass, marble, or other natural stone, so that the bathroom looks fresh and unique but still has a tropical impression.

In general, complementary bathroom accessories that must exist are mirrors and cabinets or storage shelves. The storage rack in the bathroom serves to store towels, toothbrushes, and cosmetic tools or tools related to bathing rituals. The placement of a mirror and storage rack with a sink can be an attractive design accent. In addition, being able to become a clear delimiter between dry and wet areas is very important for tropical-style bathroom designs. (Also read: Palm Oil Supports Indonesian Exports by 15 Percent)

“Generally for wet areas in stylish bathrooms tropical is the shower and bath area. It is highly recommended to use dew-resistant glass or bamboo rods that are installed parallel to the separation,” he said. (Aprilia S Andyna)


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