Changing the Atmosphere of Your Home at Low Cost


Renovating homes is becoming a popular activity, especially during a pandemic like today. Photo/doc

JAKARTA – Renovating homes is becoming a popular activity, especially during a pandemic like today. Low-cost renovations can be the right alternative to make your home more comfortable and different.

For those of you who want to renovate but don’t have more funds, you can try applying a cheap architectural style that still looks luxurious because of its beauty. One of them by using appropriate materials. (Read: Respecting and Glorifying Neighbors)

“Having a comfortable home doesn’t have to be expensive. The most important thing, the design must be made well and beautifully so that the occupants can feel comfortable and think more positively and with quality,” said architect Rizky Artando.

Rizky added, if the house that is built is spacious but not well laid out, it will still feel cramped and affect the occupants as well. Therefore, it takes an exploration and foresight to be able to produce something different from simple materials.

To realize a house at an affordable cost, it is not only applied at the beginning of its construction, the maintenance side also needs to be taken care of so that you don’t have to spend a lot of money just to add space and repairs. This includes paying the inflated electricity bill due to the regular use of air conditioners and fans. (Also read: Ciptaker Law Makes Education More Commercial)

“Very careful planning is the key to designing a house at an affordable cost. Therefore, pay attention to the initial steps before building, such as the design, structure, and materials,” explained Rizky.

The main step is to create a solid and appropriate design. Usually, the design of a house that is energy efficient and environmentally friendly does not take up a large amount of funds. “The basic concept of an energy-efficient home is how to create a home to feel comfortable without having to use excessive electronics, such as air conditioning and water heaters. Also pay attention to the direction facing the house, try to face east and increase the placement of space on the south side, “explained Rizky.

Apart from facing, another factor that you should not forget is ventilation. If your residence is already facing west, the application of windows with wide openings is the solution. “Multiple openings such as doors and windows so that there is good air exchange in them. Because if the air is left trapped in the room, it will cause the air in the room to be hotter,” said Rizky.

If the available land is quite possible, it’s a good idea to provide green open space. Houses that have green open land can reduce the consumption of electrical energy. The more you plant trees around the house area, the more it will stabilize the hot air that enters the house. (Also read: Fortify the Body from Covid-19 with Exercise)

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