Keeping the Kitchen Clean and Healthy during Eid


JAKARTA – Even though Lebaran is still a few weeks away, it never hurts to pay in installments to clean every corner of the house, including the kitchen.

Not only the living room and family room that must be kept clean, the kitchen as an important room in preparing special dishes for visiting family and relatives must also always be kept clean so that cooking activities become more comfortable.

A clean and well-organized kitchen certainly helps you to produce delicious and nutritious food. Moreover, in the midst of the corona virus outbreak, keeping the corners of the house clean is the most important thing.

“One way to maintain cleanliness in the kitchen is to choose the right materials. If you have the opportunity to renovate, avoid using wood because it is difficult to clean from oil stains,” said architect Fajar Kresno.

Not only using the right materials, air circulation in the kitchen must also be considered because this can affect the health of the kitchen. The hot air from the stove and the smell of cooking affect the temperature and make you uncomfortable.

The water vapor mixed with the oil will also damage the kitchen walls. In fact, if it is too long it will also make the kitchen ceiling black and become a nest of bacteria in the house.

“To create good circulation in the kitchen, place windows in the cooking area. Windows do function faster and better than ventilation,” said Fajar.

Fajar added, we can place the stove close to the window, but not parallel to the window because it will interfere with the flame. As for reducing hot air in the kitchen, you can install a higher ceiling than other rooms. “Use a multi-story jack roof model, take advantage of the holes between the roofs to circulate hot air,” he added.

If it is not possible for you to renovate the roof, you can use an exhaust fan in the corner of the kitchen. Now the most important thing is that there is still air circulation in the kitchen to keep it comfortable.

You also have to position the kitchen correctly. The north and south sides usually receive less sunlight. So we recommend that area to put the stove. While the east and west are wet areas for washing dishes.

“If it is already facing west, create a barrier like bamboo blinds on the side facing west,” he said.

How, by designing lighting and also good circulation in the kitchen, of course you can keep the kitchen clean and healthy. You can also comfortably prepare special dishes for Eid later. (Aprilia S Andyna)


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