Exploiting the Space with Planting Cabinets Makes Corners Better


So that the storage cabinet does not take up a lot of space, a planting cupboard can be used as an alternative place to display your decoration collection. The room will look neat and unique.

If you need a wardrobe but the space is limited, you might consider planting cabinets. As the name implies, the placement of this wardrobe is of course in the area inside your wall.

“One of the advantages of making this planting wardrobe model is that it does not take up space and is very suitable to be applied to minimalist homes, apartments, and also privacy areas such as bedrooms and bathrooms,” said interior designer Rina Renvil.

Although it looks simple and does not take up much space, this wall cabinet also has a weakness. One of them, cannot be moved, because the existing shelves are embedded in the wall area.

“The making of garden cabinets is usually done simultaneously with the construction of the house, and the area that really wants to be used as a cupboard has been taken into account,” said Rina.

However, if you don’t want to create a new wall niche because your house is ready, you can use an existing wall niche at home to make a planting cupboard.

“The planting cupboard can be made with a door or not, depending on the items that will be placed in it,” he said.

Rina added, usually planting cabinets made with doors are cabinets used to store items that cannot be displayed, such as clothes or household utensils.

But for a wardrobe in the bathroom, or a display cabinet in the living room, you can choose a display cabinet without a door. Shelf cabinets can also be made of various materials, from glass to concrete.

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