Luxury Apartment Facilities for Every Occupancy

The Home Property – Blog. Apartments are an alternative residential option other than houses. Complete and modern facilities are usually the advantages of apartments, especially luxury apartments. Luxury apartment facilities are usually in addition to more spacious rooms as well as sophisticated furniture and security. Classy Furniture Luxury apartments usually already provide classy furniture. So … Read more

6 Modern Minimalist Home Designs with Attractive Rooftops

Photo: pinterest Modern minimalist home designs are the most popular designs, even the average housing is currently dominated by this style. Modern minimalist architecture can be characterized by its dynamic, functional, but still modern appearance. This means that this style is not excessive, from form to function. In addition, the characteristics of the building are … Read more

7 Cross-Functional Home Ventilation Designs

Photo: Dwell There’s nothing more relaxing than a breath of fresh air in the middle of the city. Although difficult, this can be realized by changing the ventilation design of the house into cross ventilation. However, what is cross ventilation? Cross ventilation or ventilation is an opening for air passage in the form of windows, … Read more