Guide to Buying a House Through Sharia Developers and Their Recommendations

Photo: Houwzer Since 2014, the trend of buying houses without usury has become increasingly popular and in demand by the people of Indonesia. Not only from sharia mortgageNow people can buy ‘halal’ houses from sharia developers. However, maybe there are still many who don’t know what a sharia property developer is. In short, sharia developers … Read more

This is the Estimated Home Loan Installment of 400 Million with a DP of 0 Percent

Photo: BenefHealth Although it is one of the basic human needs, buy a house comfort is still quite difficult to fulfill, especially by the younger generation in Indonesia. Programs such as Home Ownership Loans (mortgage) doesn’t help much because home buyers still have to prepare money down payment (DP) first. The amount is not small, … Read more