Flexible Office Becomes an Office Trend During a Pandemic

loading… JAKARTA – Impact Covid-19 pandemic impact on the property industry. In general, the hotel and shopping mall sector was hit hardest as activity and travel was restricted. This follows the implementation of the second phase of large-scale social restrictions (PSBB) in Jakarta and the implementation of curfews in Jakarta’s buffer cities. Meanwhile for the … Read more

5 Benefits of Applying the Green Architecture Concept for the Environment

Public awareness of environmental issues is getting higher, especially with the increasing domino effect of climate change and global warming. These two things are undeniably a real threat to the survival of humans and all living things on Earth. Regarding efforts to save the Earth from more severe environmental damage, the concept of green architecture … Read more

Changing the Atmosphere of Your Home at Low Cost

loading… Renovating homes is becoming a popular activity, especially during a pandemic like today. Photo/doc JAKARTA – Renovating homes is becoming a popular activity, especially during a pandemic like today. Low-cost renovations can be the right alternative to make your home more comfortable and different. For those of you who want to renovate but don’t … Read more

Know the Meaning of Over Home Loans

JAKARTA – Over home loans, aka the transfer of mortgages from one party to another, is one alternative that can be chosen to get a mortgage cheaper. There are several types of over-home loans. Transfer from one bank to another, and from old debtors to new debtors. Launching Rumah123, Saturday (6/8/2019), it is explained what … Read more

Simple Classic House, Charming Design Timeless

Photo: thespruce.com The current residential concept is still dominated by a minimalist, modern style, some even have a theme futuristic. It doesn’t mean that the designs above are unattractive, it’s just that there are still many who like the old house style with an impression homey. Yes, One of which is classic house simple. For … Read more

Canopy, Sweetener and Home Protector

loading… JAKARTA – Canopy is a small roof that has a function to protect it has a history in its development and application to an architecture and residential design present time. At first, canopies were often found as part of church buildings, palaces, or ancient monuments. The design is made to rise out of the … Read more