5 Studio Apartment Partitions that Make the Room Feel Spacious

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Studio apartment is one type of unit that is usually chosen by urbanites, especially for those who live alone.

The layout of the space is 20 m2 to 30 m2; consists of a bedroom without a dividing wall, except for the bathroom.

Even though it seems cramped due to space limitations, you can still do it you knowoutsmart it to make it feel wider.

How to use a studio apartment partition. Don’t be afraid to get narrower, here are some designs you can follow!

Making Mezzanine Floors

Making Mezzanine Floors

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The mezzanine is an additional floor between the lower floor and the roof ceiling.

To add a mezzanine floor, you don’t need a major overhaul and it can still be done easily.

However, before renovating the partition, you should consult the plan with the apartment management.

The mezzanine floor itself has a minimum height of 440 cm, the size of the room is made to reach a third of the total main room.

Of course, the mezzanine floor can be a solution for extra space in a studio apartment. You can make it an area home officestorage of goods, to additional bedrooms.

Using Curtains

Using Curtains

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If you feel that the mezzanine floor is too complicated to be used as a studio apartment partition, then using curtains is the simplest way you can do it.

Installing curtains as a partition in a studio apartment is generally done to separate it from other rooms.

Curtains can give a beautiful impression, especially if you choose a curtain color that matches the color of the walls or interior of the apartment room.

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Using Bookshelf

Using Bookshelf

Bookshelves are often used as a dividing wall for a room.

In addition to displaying a beautiful design, bookshelves are easy to move to various corners of the room.

In addition to being a studio apartment partition, you can arrange the arrangement of books to knick-knacks on the shelves to beautify the room.

The room that is insulated by bookshelves can also be used as a study or work room to be more productive.

Using Sketch

Studio apartment partitions can be used to divide the space by using a sketsel.

Sketsel itself is a ladder craft made for space dividers. The sketsel has several sizes ranging from 65 x 180 cm, 180 x 200 cm, and 200 x 200 cm.

The sketch designs are also quite diverse with various types made of bamboo, wood, to woven wood.

Partition with Glass

Partition with Glass

The next studio apartment partition is transparent glass with a stylish look.

Insulation in the form of glass material can accommodate the need for vital spaces without looking full and crowded.

In addition, the resulting invisibility effect also makes the studio apartment look wider.

There are many attractive glass partition designs to apply to your studio apartment, including aluminum glass partitions and frameless partitions.

Apart from being a space divider, glass partitions for studio apartments can also function to reduce noise and absorb sunlight more easily.

Those are a number of studio apartment partition designs that you can apply.

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Hope it is useful!

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