Minimalist, Elegant and Comfortable Home Lighting Design Inspiration

Homes with comfortable interiors and beautiful decorations need special lighting to create the perfect look.

Of course, realizing this is not easy, especially if you are still new to arranging home decorations.

There are many types of lighting to display an attractive minimalist home, such as backlighting, spotlightto decorative lights.

However, the lighting also needs to be supported by an appropriate home design, so that the overall appearance of the space looks harmonious.

now without needing to linger, here are some inspirational home lighting designs that can be information for you.

Types of Minimalist Home Lighting



Skylights is one type of lighting that can be applied, to create attractive minimalist home lighting.

The light that enters the house comes from the roof of the house.

Often skylight serves as a window to add air into the house, so it has a smooth circulation.

In addition, another advantage is that you can save energy to the maximum, because you don’t have to turn on the lights during the day.



The next minimalist home lighting is backlighting or a lamp behind a wall.

Draft backlighting made to present a certain atmosphere effect.

This type of lighting is very suitable to be placed in the bedroom, to reduce the risk of glare and make the body more relaxed.

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Minimalist Home Lighting Design

Home Design with Many Glass Windows

Home Design with Many Glass Windows

You can have a light source into the house, if the dwelling is designed with a large number of windows.

The amount of sunlight that enters the house will make the appearance of the dwelling more beautiful.

The house will look more minimalist with lots of glass windows, and give a simple but elegant look.

House Open Space

Open Space House

To maximize the lighting of a minimalist home, it is better if the residential design uses the concept of open space or without borders.

A house without a partition can be applied to small or large dwellings.

House design open space itself uses the concept of open space, which allows sunlight to enter the dwelling.

Tropical House Design

Tropical House Design

Houses in Indonesia are suitable for using tropical modern designs, because the architectural style can withstand tropical climates and weather.

Tropical house designs that have lots of ventilation can provide minimalist home lighting, which makes you feel at home.

As for the features tropical house design others, namely using natural materials, neutral colors, and prioritizing the orientation of the building.

Now, After reviewing information on minimalist home lighting, here are recommendations for housing with a similar concept.

Check out the full reference below, yes.

Residential Recommendations For You

Recommended Occupancy

Looking for a house for sale? Want to have a house with lighting similar to the design above? Indonesia has several interesting options to look at, available in various selected cities from Bandung to Makassar.

If you’re looking for house in Bandungthere is a house with beautiful minimalist lighting by developer Belaputera Intiland.

Yes, Kota Baru Parahyangan, which is located in Padalarang, West Bandung, could be an interesting choice.

Has an independent city concept, landed house It has an environment that is surrounded by green open spaces such as parks and trees.

Therefore, the area has clean air quality and cool air temperatures.

Unit type in Parahyangan New Town is also quite diverse, one of which is the Wangsawulan Type with selling prices starting at IDR 1.4 billion.

This type has a design open plan without partitions, and equipped with many openings such as large windows.

Turning to Banten, precisely in Maja, Lebak, there is an integrated city offered by the Ciputra Group at affordable prices.

Carrying the concept Transit Oriented Development (TOD), Citra Maja Raya-Garden House closely integrated with KRL Commuterline which can facilitate access to occupant mobility.

This housing is equipped with a minimalist home lighting design that provides comfort for your beloved family.

The selling price is also affordable, starting at IDR 235 million for Type 60/25.

In addition to the two housing estates already mentioned, there are also residential recommendations in eastern Indonesia that you can look at.

Developed by PT Summarecon Agung Tbk, Summarecon Mutiara Makassar is a residential choice that has minimalist home lighting.

To become an integrated area with promising property investment prospects, house for sale in Makassar It is valued at under IDR 1 billion.

That’s information related to minimalist home lighting designs along with recommendations for the right property products.

Hope it is useful!

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