Definition of Thematic Park and Examples

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The presence of a garden in a place can make the atmosphere around it fresher. Therefore, many people want to make it. One of them is the theme park. Never heard of a theme park? The following is the definition of a thematic garden and an example.

Definition of Thematic Park

Thematic garden is a park that is deliberately created based on a certain theme. The collection of plants planted in the park is only selected that has the same usability even though the types are different.

Photo by Gunnar Ridderstrom on unsplash

All the elements used in the garden are also adapted to the theme raised. Therefore, the theme is very important and must be prepared in advance. Therefore, comfort and beauty are very dependent on the chosen theme.

Collection plants planted in the collection garden must be maintained and cared for properly so that their beauty is always maintained. If ordinary ornamental plants can be changed or even replaced or removed, collection plants cannot be treated as such.

Collection plants in thematic gardens must be maintained and cared for properly so that their integrity and beauty is maintained. Likewise with all existing supporting elements. Thus, all the elements in the thematic garden will look united to give beauty.

Examples of Thematic Gardens

After you know the meaning of thematic garden, you should continue to know the examples. This is nothing but so that your understanding of thematic gardens can be deeper and clearer. Here are some examples of thematic gardens that may be around you.

1. Aromatic Garden

Photo by Erda Estremera on unsplash

An aromatic garden is a garden filled with fragrant plants. Who doesn’t like a fragrant aroma? The presence of this one thematic park is certainly very liked by many people.

Not only does it smell good, the garden also has aromatherapy properties. So, whoever is in the thematic park and inhales the fragrance, the body will definitely feel more refreshed and calming.

2.Garden Labyrinth

Photo by Robert Linder on unsplash

Labyrinth garden is one of the thematic parks that is designed to resemble a barrier and is made with a winding path system. This park is considered anti-mainstream because it can make visitors feel like having an adventure walking in the middle of an alley with a complicated path.

3. Alphabet Park

The alphabet park is a thematic park that carries the theme of the letters of the alphabet. These plants usually use plants that are easy to shape so that they can be made into letters.

This plant is certainly highly recommended for parents who are taking their children for a walk. There they not only play, but also learn to recognize the letters of the alphabet.

Want to create a thematic garden around you? Don’t you understand the meaning of a thematic garden? There are so many thematic garden themes that you can choose from. In order to produce a beautiful and harmonious garden, also consult with those who are experts in garden design.

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