7 Unique Minimalist Household Furniture for Small Houses

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If you like a variety of minimalist household furniture, then you are lucky enough to live at the right time.

Finding minimalist home furnishings for the home has never been easier, from furniture for the living room, bedroom, to the terrace.

In fact, now furniture stores like IKEA already offer a lot of furniture with a mix of classic Scandinavian designs and modern designs that are beautiful and durable.

This article itself will discuss some unique minimalist household furniture that you can choose from.

But before that, we will briefly discuss the history of the minimalist style that will be applied to the interior and furniture of the house.

History of Minimalist Home Furniture

History of Minimalist Home Furniture

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The minimalist home furniture trend began in 1908 when Adolf Loos thought that culture would develop along with the elimination of ornaments from everyday objects.

As opposed to the excessive Art Nouveau movement, he argues that modern society will prefer plain and simple furniture and household accessories.

In the future, it is known as a minimalist aesthetic.

But long before minimalism was named after its name, the Bauhaus School of Art in Weimar was already advocating designs that used as few materials as possible.

Marcel Breuer, Mart Stam, and their group even articulated this concept for a number of very practical reasons.

Some of these are that “minimalist” items use cheaper raw materials, have better portability, and make cleaning easier.

This will later develop into the basic concept of minimalist interior design in homes that are known to have a lot of empty space in them.

It wasn’t until the 1960s that the term minimalism grew out of the New York-based Minimalist Art movement.

Since then, the term “minimalism” has been used to refer to any object or interior that displays a marked reduction in form.

Choosing a functional design by prioritizing basic functions over luxurious forms remains a key component of minimalist interiors to this day.

Next, let’s look at some examples of unique minimalist home furnishings that match the essence home interior minimalistic.

7 Examples of Unique and Minimalist Household Furniture

Napper Daybed

Napper Daybed

Photo: Arredatutto.com

As is well known, minimalism borrows heavily from several art movements of the early 20th century.

One of them is this one daybed, which is inspired by the design of the 1920s and 1930s.

Not only does it look minimalist and and has great functionality, this sofa also has a charm that will fill your living room.

At first glance, the tone of the house above is very similar to the type of unit in the Adhi City Sentul and Fortuneia Residences 2.

In addition to presenting a modern minimalist design, the two residences above have also been integrated with the Transit-Oriented-Development (TOD) and smart home system.

Armchair for Dining Room

Armchair for Dining Room

Photo: Arhaus

The sleek geometric shape of this dining chair is offset by the contrasting ebony color and white seat.

In addition to the dining room, you can also use this unique minimalist household furniture to relax on the front or back porch of the house.

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Minimalist Console Table

Minimalist Console Table

Photo: Pursuit of Home

The subtle pattern and angled legs add character to this minimalist console table. The placement itself can be adjusted depending on the style of the room you want

DIY Wooden Bed

DIY Wooden Bed

Photo: Elle Decor

This unique minimalist household furniture was then designed by one of the well-known furniture designers and makers, Chris Earl.

Without a doubt, this Medieval-style bed can be a bedroom furniture that fits into a classic minimalist-style house.

Byron Armchair

Byron Armchair

Photo: Bradley Terrace

If you have a spot to relax such as a veranda or home balconythen this Byron armchair is a must have.

Minimalist Coffee Table

Minimalist Coffee Table

Photo: Midway Appliance

Looking for a coffee table that matches the interior living room Minimalism can be said to be easy, easy, difficult.

As a reference, this coffee table with iron legs can be chosen to fill your living room.

Kalmar sofa

Kalmar sofa

Photo: Remodelista

Departing from a contemporary minimalist design, the Kalmar sofa offers a wooden seat with a mini “table” beside it.

Not only functional, this one piece of furniture will also melt in the room with shabby chic design inside the house.

nowSo, those were some examples of unique minimalist household furniture that can be used as a reference.

To be honest, finding furniture for living is one of the things that is quite difficult.

It’s no wonder that some developer has provided a landed house or apartment fully furnished for residential seekers who don’t want to be complicated.

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Hope this article was useful!

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