Correct Terms and Procedures for Land Plot Licensing

The term plot of land is often encountered when someone wants to buy landboth on line nor offline.

Many plots of land are used as an option property investmentbecause it has promising advantages in the future.

Usually, plots of land in housing complexes are sold at different prices and sizes.

Therefore, if you want to buy a plot of land, first pay attention to the intricacies of solving the land certificate.

In order not to be deceived, read the full review below.

Plot Land is

land plot permit

Plot land is a part of land that has been mapped by the owner according to a certain size.

Usually, plots of land are bought by someone as an investment instrument or a developer who wants to develop property.

Advantages of Buying Plots

There are several advantages to buying a plot of land in terms of property investment.

First, this property has a capital gain with a significant increase every year.

Although not seen in the near future, the advantages land plot investment can be felt within the next 5-10 years.

In addition, many plots of land are targeted by property developers who want to build cluster.

So if you buy a plot of land to sell it back to developerthen you will get a fairly high price.

Process of Solving Plot Land Certificates

land plot permit

It is common to split land certificates for plots of land, especially for people who wish to distribute inheritance.

Not only that, when you buy a plot of land, make sure the certificate has been split.

In order to split a plot of land certificate, there are several requirements that must be met, namely:

  • Plot area of ​​at least 80 square meters
  • Providing public facilities
  • Make your own road and be able to prepare sanitation

If you do not comply with these regulations, the certificate split process cannot be carried out.

At least, there are two how to break a plot of land certificate What the community can do is:

  • The resolution is carried out on behalf of the company or developer based on the agreed site plan; and
  • Splitting of plots of land certificates carried out on behalf of individuals or individuals.

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Requirements for Solving Plot Land Certificates

land plot permit

There are requirements that need to be met before submitting a land certificate split, including:

  • Bring land certificate original;
  • Photocopy of applicant’s identity or proxy (KTP/Family Card);
  • Application form that is filled in completely and signed by the applicant or his/her proxy on stamp duty;
  • Declaration of land certificate split signed by the right holder. It includes reasons and pictures of the location of the land to be split;
  • Proof of SSP/PPh according to the provisions;
  • Permit for change of land use if there is a change in use;
  • Photocopy of Land and Building Tax Payable Tax Return (SPPT PBB);
  • Filling out the statement letter has put up a boundary sign;
  • A letter statement that the land is not disputed;
  • A statement that the land is physically controlled; as well as
  • A statement letter from the land office of the plot of land plots containing the reasons for the split of the certificate as well as the plan of the location of the plots to be divided.

Procedure for Solving Plot Land Certificates

land plot permit

After knowing the requirements, the next procedure that you have to go through when solving a plot of land certificate is:

  • Perform registration of land certificate split;
  • The officer will come to the location and take measurements accompanied by the attorney or owner;
  • The officer will draw the measurement results and map the location on the map that has been provided;
  • Issuance of a letter of measurement for each parcel of land that is resolved and signed by the head of the section; and
  • After getting the measurement letter, issue the certificate in the Rights and Information Registration Subsection (PHI).

Plot Land Permit Fee

land plot permit

Based on Government Regulation No. 46 of 2002, every certificate split has costs incurred, the details are:

Registration fee: IDR 100,000

Land Measurement Fee:

  • > Land area up to 10 H, TU = (L / 500 x HSBKU*) +Rp100,000
  • > Land area between 10 H to 1,000 H, TU = (L / 4000 x HSBKU) + IDR 14,000,000
  • Land area between above 1,000 H, TU = (L / 10,000 x HSBKU) + IDR 134,000,000

*Note: HSBKU is a special unit price for measurement

Land Inspection Fee: TPA = (L / 500 x HSBKPa*) + IDR 350.000

*Note: HSBKPa is the Special Cost Unit Price for the A Appraisal Committee

Foreign Workers Fee: IDR 250.000


Well, that’s information on land plots permits that can be used as a reference.

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