Estimated Cost of Renovating a 2-Story House

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When family members increase automatically the need for space also increases. Renovating the house is the solution.

If the land owned is limited, usually people will renovating housing upwards by building a new floor.

Having a 2-story house is considered very ‘safe’, especially if you have a family. Apart from remodeling their homes, some people prefer to directly buy a two-story house.

So which one should you choose? yes?

As an illustration of the comparison of the two, the following is the estimated cost of renovating a 2-story house that you need to know.

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Advantages of having a 2-story house

Estimated cost of renovating a 2-storey house

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Before going into the estimated renovation costs, it would be nice to know what are the benefits of having a 2-story house.

First, of course, a wider space. Especially if there are quite a number of residents in the house, of course they need a special room, for example to sleep, work or study. A spacious house also feels more comfortable, right?

In addition, the presence of the 2nd floor in the residence is also good for the privacy of each occupant. Doing activities also becomes more flexible.

One more advantage of having a 2-story house, namely the appearance of the residence is more magnificent and beautiful, especially if you can remodel the dwelling into 2 floors with the right design.

Estimated Cost of Renovating a 2-Story House

Estimated cost of renovating a 2-storey house

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The estimated cost of renovating a house into 2 floors certainly cannot be determined with certainty because each residence has a different area.

However, we can estimate it according to the type of house. For example 36 type house requires around IDR 2.5 million to IDR 4 million per meter.

This means, roughly, it takes an estimated fund of around Rp. 144 million to Rp. 150 million for this type of housing, depending on the material chosen and other supporting components.

Another with house type 45. The estimated cost of renovating a 2-story house for this type is around Rp. 160 million.

Estimated cost of renovating a 2-storey house

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Keep in mind, the estimated number above is the minimum cost if you want to remodel a house into 2 floors with standard materials.

If you want to have a two-story dwelling with better quality, then at least you have to prepare funds of around Rp. 200 million to Rp. 300 million.

How? Are you still interested in renovating your home?

Recommended Housing with 2-Story Units and Prices

Estimated cost of renovating a 2-storey house

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Lembang Enchantment Cluster

The first recommended 2-storey house is located in Bandung. Lembang Enchantment Cluster is a residential concept custom so you can determine layout room as desired.

By paying IDR 630 million, you can get a super beautiful residential concept custom in West Bandung.

Not only that, the building and land area is quite large, namely 60/60. How, interested?

Golden Park 3

If you are looking for housing in the Cisauk area, Tangerang then Golden Park 3 could be the right choice.

Concept housing green living It is also close to various public facilities, one of which is mall such as AEON Mall and ITC BSD.

The price of a 2-story residence at Golden Park 3 is also quite affordable, which is around Rp. 629 million.

The Jasmine Boulevard

One more recommendation for a 2-story house under 1 billion that you can look at. The Jasmine Boulevard is a beautiful residence in Parung, Bogor.

Interestingly, The Jasmine Boulevard It is also surrounded by various tourist destinations, such as the Tirta Sanita hot spring park, Gunung Kapur and Batu Tapak.

For a 2-story residence, you can have it at an affordable price of IDR 615 million.

Renovating a House or Buying a 2nd Floor House?

Estimated cost of renovating a 2-storey house

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Both buying a new house and renovating a residence have their respective advantages and disadvantages that are important to note.

First of course the cost. Indeed, renovating a residence into 2 floors requires no small amount of money but is still cheaper than buying a new house with similar specifications.

However, renovating a house takes a lot of time and effort. Buying a house is definitely hassle-free, you just have to prepare the costs and choose housing according to your needs.

If you don’t own a house and are interested in a 2-story residence, you should immediately buy a house that suits your needs.

As mentioned above, there are also affordable and quality 2-story residences. Obviously, this is more efficient than buying a one-story house and doing renovations.

However, everything of course comes back to you. Hope this article can help yes!


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