Housing Needs Infrastructure


Agus Kriswandi Basyari
Pitaloka Land

In this week’s article, we will describe the facilities and infrastructure housing area that must be prepared and built by the developer. According to Law No. 1/2011, concerning Housing and Settlements, what is called housing is a collection of houses or settlements equipped with facilities and infrastructure.

In every housing built, the law requires every developer to prepare facilities and infrastructure as well as public utilities. In this context, the developer is obliged to set aside 40% of the land for facilities and infrastructure as well as public utilities. (Read: Education Operational Costs Disbursed Late, What’s Up?)

With a sufficiently large percentage of land it is possible to create a comfortable, safe environment, and there is an arrangement of reforestation areas. Such a large area of ‚Äč‚Äčland is allocated for facilities and infrastructure so that settlements will grow which have scope for social and community arrangements. This is expected to create a healthy environment for its residents.

In Law No. 1/2011, what is meant by facilities and infrastructure are public facilities and social facilities that must be provided by developers. The public facilities in question include roads, drainage, fences, security substations, CCTV, and others. Meanwhile, social facilities include sports facilities, worship facilities, building or meeting halls, and playgrounds. (Also read: Recognize and Underestimate the Symptoms of Long Covid)

Public utilities are public facilities available around the location housing area built. These facilities include hospitals, schools, traditional and modern markets, terminals, train stations, and service offices such as government offices, at the village, sub-district, and district levels.

With the establishment of facilities and infrastructure as well as public utilities in the built housing area, residents of the housing can enjoy social life and have access to facilities that support their lives. The facilities and infrastructure as well as public utilities available in the housing area built have an important position, namely, in terms of the housing price factor.

The better the facilities and infrastructure available and the easier access to public utilities, the higher the housing price. Thus, the residents of the house not only enjoy their residence, but the residents also have a profitable investment value. (See the video: Presidential Election for Indonesian Diaspora in the United States)

The facilities and infrastructure built by the developer are also the identity or prestige of a company housing area . The better and more complete the available infrastructure, the higher the assessment of the housing. Under these conditions, these housing estates can be divided into the category of luxury housing, medium housing, or simple housing.


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