Choice of Paint Color Combinations for Living Room

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Just built a house, but still confused about what color to paint it? There are many choices of paint color combinations that you can choose from. Especially for the living room of your new home, here are some choices of paint color combinations for the living room that you can try.

A Modern Room with a Combination of Black and White

Photo by Thanos Pal on Unsplash

Want to display a modern living room? The black and white colors seem to need you to try to apply as a wall paint color. For some people, black is a color that is often shunned because it is considered to give a dark impression to the room.

However, it is different if your room is deliberately designed with a modern theme. Black and white must be the first reference color. Monochrome impression is much sought after because it can give a masculine and elegant look to the room. Therefore, a combination of these two colors can be tried.

Sweeten the Room with White and Peach

Photo by Jon Nathon Stebbe on Unsplash

White and peach are two kinds of colors that will give a sweet impression if you apply it to the living room. The combination of these two colors is rarely chosen as a living room paint color, but if both are applied the results will not disappoint.

Because the walls of the living room have been given a light colored paint, for the furniture you can give a touch of dark colors. Like dark brown or black. Thus, the atmosphere in your living room will look much more impressive.

Blending with Nature with Natural Dark and Light Brown Colors

Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

Some of you may really like the color brown. It’s true, brown has many color choices that you can combine with one another. Brown is also very suitable to be used as a paint color combination for the living room.

Just try to use dark brown and light brown as the paint color for the living room walls. After that, you combine it with various kinds of room decorations made of wood. It can be a sofa, table, photo frame, lampshade, flower vase and others. The natural nuances will definitely be felt.

The Warmth of the Room Combination of Beige and White Colors

Want to bring a warm atmosphere to the living room so that anyone who visits feels comfortable? You can also make it happen by using cream and white wall paint. These two colors are also very suitable to be applied to a minimalist room.

Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

The dominance of light colors from the walls coupled with adequate lighting will give the room a broad impression. Especially if you use a yellow light at night. The living room feels so harmonious and romantic.

A wide selection of paint color combinations for the living room is deliberately prepared for you. Please choose which one is suitable for your living room at home. Immediately, let’s apply it to the living room so that you and your family are more comfortable at home.

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