Property Can Be A Profitable Investment


Investment in the property sector is still the main choice for many people. Photo/doc

JAKARTAInvestment in property sector is still the main choice of many people. Even though it is not new, this investment product is still a favorite product of old people.

Some people prefer to invest their wealth in property, rather than financial products and investments in the capital market. Then, what makes people interested in investing in property? (Read: Make the Nature of Tawadhu a Capital of Happiness)

One of the attractions of this investment is that it is safe and promising. “All investments have risks. However, the worst investment in property such as land and houses can still be seen at any time,” said property analyst and Business Development Executive Ray White Indonesia, Robby Simon.

Indonesian people are happier invest on products that can be seen physically, such as land and houses. This is different from investing in financial products that only hold a piece of paper as proof of ownership.

Another reason related to the sense of security in investing in property is that potential investors (people who will invest) control or can manage their own investments. “The investor can control almost all of the process. They can manage whether the property they own wants to be rented or traded,” said Robby.

In addition, the advantage of ease of managing it, potential investors do not have to have as much cash as the price of the property to be purchased. Robby suggested that investors can get property using some of their own money and the rest using other people’s money, in this case bank money, such as applying for a mortgage (mortgage loan) for houses and KPA (apartment ownership loans) for apartments. (Also read: During the PJJ, the teacher admits to having problems explaining the subject matter to students)

Investors can also buy property at a much higher value than what was paid. Such as by improving the design of the property owned. “Investors can increase the property massively by expanding the building,” he suggested.

The same thing was expressed, financial planner from Salama Mitra Investa, Endy Kurniawan, stated that property investment is much more profitable and its value will continue to increase. Compare with gold or stock investments. When buying gold, we cannot immediately increase the price of gold. If you want to sell, then the price is in accordance with the market price which fluctuates up and down.

Even if your gold is decorated or beautifully shaped, it is quite difficult to find a buyer who is happy with your gold, it will still be difficult and the price will not match when you first bought it.

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