Recommended Materials of Garden Table and Reclining Chairs to Choose

Recommended Materials of Garden Table and Reclining Chairs to Choose

Garden table and reclining chairs are amidst the common furniture to be placed in any outdoor space such as a garden patio. Obviously they will be made out of different materials than furniture items for indoor space. Even the way to actually build them could be different from making furniture for interior space. When it comes to outdoor furniture it is important to be able to get the one using high quality materials. There are recommended materials to pick for the best function of outdoor furniture items. Although it is true that materials are not the only thing to pay attention when opting for outdoor furniture items.

Among many things that could affect the decision to choose patio furniture over other options there are few most important aspects. Aesthetic is definitely a crucial element to consider when finding a set of patio furniture, especially table and chairs. They should look good in the first place, right? Next thing is surely the functionality of the items. It will be useless for a set of beautiful table and chairs when they cannot really function well. So, it is important to try the garden table and reclining chairs before purchasing to feel their functionality right away.

Next aspect to think about is surely the materials of the furniture itself. There are few materials of outdoor furniture considered to be good materials. On the other hand there are materials to avoid as well if the idea is to have a durable one. Materials consideration has its connection to the durability aspect of the furniture itself. Of course durability is a huge matter when it comes to outdoor furniture since the actual condition of the outside is far different from any interior space. Picking table and chairs for garden patios that are not durable will just be costly later on.


Materials of Outdoor Furniture to Avoid

Upon considering the materials of garden table and reclining chairs for outdoor garden patio it is recommended to avoid these following materials. Bare metals, plastic resin and PVC wicker are amidst the least recommended materials for any piece of outdoor furniture. Bare metals will easily get rusty in exposure to moisture and rain outside. Metals should be coated using rust-proof clear coat to withstand rain and moisture. Meanwhile plastic resin is a big no since it is unattractive, fragile and flimsy. The only thing that could tempt people to but it is its cheap price. PVC wicker on the other hand is somewhat similar to HDPE wicker just that it is less durable and not that recommended.


Materials of Outdoor Furniture to Choose

So, the best materials to choose include teak wood, aluminum, wrought iron and synthetic resin wicker. Each one of those materials comes with its own benefit. Teak is definitely going to give a natural woody accent within any outdoor space. Meanwhile aluminum and wrought iron will give that durable and strong appeal of the furniture. The synthetic resin wicker is the best for more fashionable appeal while it is quite low-maintenance as well for garden table and reclining chairs material.


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