Recommended Living Flowers For Living Room In The Corner Of The Room

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Has it ever crossed your mind to beautify the room in the house to make it look beautiful and comfortable to look at? Of course it will make people who visit your home happy. Well, for that you need a live flower recommendation for the living room as follows.

Aloe vera

Photo by Jonathan Borba on unsplash

Who is not familiar with this one plant? Surely you must have heard it often, right? Aloe vera is a plant of a million people that is often used by many people to decorate their homes. That’s why many have it.

In fact, many people are also willing to raise it in their own garden when compared to buying it ready-made. This plant of a million people is indeed the most sought after and liked by many people because apart from being a decoration, it also has a myriad of benefits.

Yellow Palm

Photo by Albania White on pexels

The special feature of this one plant is that it is located on the elongated leaf midrib and almost covers the segment of the stem. The impression created by this plant is that it will create a tropical impression that tends to be relaxed but still pleasing to the eye.

For those of you who are looking for a list of live flowers for the living room, then this yellow palm plant is perfect for decoration. To make it look aesthetic and natural, as much as possible place this plant next to a sofa or rocking chair if you have one.

Asparagus Fern

Photo by Tarin Elliott on pexels

This second plant has its own impression when compared to the others. This is based on the fact that the asparagus fern plant itself has a more decorative accent. That is what causes him to be very fitting if placed in the living room as a decoration.

Not only as a room decoration, it turns out that the asparagus fern plant is also often used to preserve wooden furniture. The process itself is none other than the asparagus fern plant which will bind the formaldehyde compounds present in the wooden furniture.

Peace Lily

If you are the type of person who likes flowers, then there is nothing wrong with placing this peace lily flower in the living room to make it more eye catching. This peace lily flower is very easy to care for because it does not require too much care.

Photo by Max Williams on unsplash

In addition, this peace lily flower also does not require a large amount of direct sunlight. Later this peace lily flower will grow big by itself and when it blooms it will issue beautiful white petals.

Interestingly, in addition to being a room decorator, it turns out that the peace lily flower is also believed to be a bringer of luck for homeowners. Well, if you are still confused about finding live flowers for the living room, then just choose this peace lily flower.

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