Is it better to use an architect or freelancer to renovate a house?


JAKARTA – While doing renovation In addition to determining your needs, you also have to determine who will work on the construction process, whether it’s an architect, a contractor, or just an ordinary handyman. This depends on the needs of the renovation itself because each offers different services.

So, which one should you choose? Using the services of an architect or directly using the services of a freelancer? Whichever one can be chosen, as long as it has been carefully considered what your needs are. (Read: The Importance of Teaching Children to Take Care of the Oral)

If you prefer to use a daily builder, the main thing to prepare is the design of the house. You also have to be able to equate perceptions. The same applies to the selection and purchase of materials and their supervision. So it takes energy, thought, and full time from the home owner to prepare and when the renovation takes place.

For this reason, renovations that are handed over directly to builders should be of a repair nature, where no structural design and calculations are needed. This is very important for successful development. Don’t forget to ask the handyman hired to have done anything before.

“Go to the house that he had built, if necessary ask the owner of the house how the work of the craftsman has done,” said architectural consultant Griffith Tobing.

Preferring to use the services of a builder does not mean that you do not need the services of an architect. ?The supervision of the architect is very important for the smooth work of the craftsman. Meanwhile, Indonesians still rarely use the services of an architectural consultant to build their houses. The reason is that architect services are expensive and only help design the shape of the house. (Also read: Indonesia’s Education World Doesn’t Have a Clear Road Map)

“Actually, the architect’s services also help calculate the costs that must be incurred, choose materials according to needs, so that they can avoid material fraud used by builders, to supervise the work of builders to be more effective and efficient,” he said.

In other words, the presence of architects can actually reduce expenses. You can also choose the services of an architect that fits your budget. “If you don’t have enough money to hire a professional architect, you can hire architecture students, they have the same skills and are smart,” Griffith suggested.

Meanwhile, the labor costs are actually divided into two parts, namely daily and wholesale. “Daily and wholesale builders are two different types. For daily, workers’ wages are calculated per day. For example, the standard payment in Jakarta and its surroundings is Rp. 150,000 per day per worker,” he said. (Also read: Safe and Comfortable Holidays During a Pandemic)

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