5 Outdoor Lounge Designs for Family Gatherings

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Spending time at home with family is the right way to relieve stress and fatigue after a long day of work.

That’s why it’s important to have a relaxing space at home. Although making it is relatively easy, but what if you have a residence with limited land? Is this not possible?

Don’t worry, because you can still work around this by creating an open lounge. Here’s the inspiration for you.

Outdoor Lounge Design on the Balcony

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For those of you who have home balcony nor apartments, you should not unemployed just like that or used as a clothesline.

You can juggle the area outdoor It becomes a comfortable and attractive open-air relaxing space.

In addition, the location of the balcony which is at a height, of course this is a value plus because you can enjoy the surrounding scenery both in the morning and at night.

If you are interested in changing it, you can copy the example above.

The balcony has a size of approximately 1 meter with a length of 1.5 to 2 square meters.

On the top side of the fence, you can add a long cafe-style table, if necessary add a high bar stool. Balcony concept cafe this can very so interesting inspiration.

If you buy a house in Asatti Garden House and Casa De Parcoyou can try this method.

To make the balcony more attractive, place a hanging swing, lesehan pillows and soft carpets as well as some soothing plants.

Relaxing Outdoor Design in Backyard

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No matter the size of the backyard you have, if it is not cared for properly it will make it less attractive.

Instead of just being ignored, why not use it as a nice relaxing area?

Cutting the long grass and cleaning the yard of fallen leaves are the first steps to caring for backyard.

After that, you can coat the soil with gravel, paving blocks or bricks as a stepping area.

If you still want to get a beautiful impression, you can replace it with synthetic grass.

The next step that needs to be done is to decorate the open lounge at the back of the house with Christmas lights, lounge chairs and lesehan pillows.

How? Romantic really, right?

Minimalist Lounge on the Terrace

open lounge

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Decorating the terrace area as a place to relax can be the right alternative for those of you who do not have land in the back area and balcony.

However, don’t just design anything. There are several things you should pay attention to when you want to change the patio area.

First, make sure the terrace already has a cover such as a canopy. It aims to protect the lounge from heat and rain.

Second, don’t let the terrace be too exposed, it’s a good idea to install a guardrail.

After that, arrange the sofa, carpet, pillows and other knick-knacks.

If you want to get a terrace with high privacy, you can check terrace design on. Where the guardrail is replaced with a glass window.

In addition to getting high privacy, this terrace can be used as a fun gathering.

Design Courtyard as a Shared Relax Area

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Courtyard or garden in the middle of the house is often found in some modern housing such as Shila at Sawangan and Cluster Avilla Samanea Hill.

The presence of a garden in the middle of the house not only gives the appearance of a beautiful and healthy home but also has a warm impression.

If have courtyard at home, all you need is to just put a lounge chair and a table or choose a long chair with a soft seat.

Outdoor Relax Area in Rooftop Park

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It’s the same as designing a relaxing room on the balcony, it’s just that the difference is the size rooftop much wider.

The wider the area, the easier it is for you to be creative to create an open relaxing space as you wish.

You can even make rooftop as a BBQ area, like a residence in Botania Lake Residence which owns BBQ Park.

Now, that’s the information about the open lounge in the house and apartment.

Hope this article was useful!

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