6 Instagramable Comfortable Apartment Living Room Inspirations

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Apartments are an ideal choice of residence for urban communities. Consider rent a housebuying an apartment is considered more advantages.

However, where there are advantages there must be disadvantages, so too live in an apartment. One of which is space which is not as wide as a landed house.

Not infrequently the number of rooms in an apartment is more limited, only a bedroom and a bathroom with little space for a mini kitchen and living room.

Most people eliminate the living room in the apartment because it is not so important and takes up a lot of space.

Even though it’s not really, the apartment living room can look beautiful and comfortable to live in even though its size is not as large as an ordinary residence.

Don’t believe it? Here’s an inspiration for an apartment living room that is not only comfortable, but also super beautiful.

All-White Apartment Living Room

All-White Apartment Living Room

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White is definitely the main choice when you want to create the impression of a wider and brighter room.

As in the inspiration above, the dominant white wall color and furniture succeeded in making the living room more elegant and charming.

Add color accents by painting or Wall decorationso that the room does not look monotonous and boring.

Plant indoor can also be a decoration that can make the living room look fresh.

just tipsYou can also use a minimalist room partition if the living room is directly connected to another room.

Living Room and Central Room

All-White Apartment Living Room

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Does your apartment not have space at all for the living room?

Don’t worry, you can combine the functions of the living room as well as the living room to save space.

The living room which doubles as an area to receive guests, can still be beautiful as long as you are able to arrange it well.

For example, by adding a sofa and coffee table. These two pieces of furniture are able to make the room look “full,” without taking up a lot of space.

To make it seem warmer, you can also add a carpet that matches the theme of the room.

This one living room can be applied in many apartment choices, such as: Landmark Residence or L Avenue Office Residence.

Scandinavian Style Living Room

All-White Apartment Living Room

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The Scandinavian concept is the most appropriate style for a mini-sized room. The furniture used tends to be simple, but can give a strong impression.

For those of you who like the impression sleek and clean, then the inspiration for the apartment living room above can be imitated.

The furniture used tends to be minimalist with a medium size and the colors are neutral and soft.

The selection of the right furniture makes the apartment’s living room blend with other rooms, such as the dining room.

Don’t forget to add decorative elements, such as a display or a brightly colored flower vase to make it look contrast.

There are several options Scandinavian apartment which can be selected, for example Tangcity Apartments and Orchard Castle.

Living Room with Warm Colors

Living Room with Warm Colors

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If the previous inspiration felt a little stiff, then you can copy the inspiration living room interior this one.

The use of warm colors on some furniture successfully makes the room more homey and ‘friendly’.

Even so, the right color combination with the white combination on the walls, makes the living room look balanced and modern.

Afraid the living room feels cramped? Create the illusion of a spacious room by using a mirror, which is placed on the wall of the room.

Shady Minimalist Living Room

Shady Minimalist Living Room

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The minimalist concept is still very popular, but how to make this concept look more aesthetically pleasing?

You can try the following apartment living room inspiration.

The use of a soft blue color on the walls of the room can be the right choice. Combine with a variety of minimalist furniture and decorations.

The room will certainly look more shady and certainly still thick with a minimalist impression.

The shaded color is not only blue, you can try various other color palettes such as color cool neutral more masculine.

Living Room Apartment ‘Japandi’ Concept

Living Room Apartment 'Japandi' Concept

Photo: designs.spacejoy.com

The term Japandi may still sound foreign to some people.

However, this one design is becoming a trend lately and is widely used in aesthetically pleasing cafes or restaurants.

However, what is design Japandi?

Japandi itself is an abbreviation of ‘Japan–Scandinavia’, a blend of natural Japanese concepts and minimalism from Scandinavian style.

The use of minimalist furniture, but still using bright warm colors is one of its characteristics.

This concept can conjure up your apartment living room to be more charming.

Those are some apartment living room inspirations that you can try.

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