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A minimalist house may seem simple because the land use is not too wide. Make no mistake, this time there is a modern minimalist luxury home design that you can make a minimalist home look idea to make it fresher and look luxurious. Here’s the review

One Floor Equipped with a Minimalist Garden in Front

The design that can be applied with a minimalist home model is a one-story house model that is equipped with a minimalist garden in front of it. In this type of one-story house, try to keep the front of the house empty as a yard.

Photo by Guilherme Roveda Hellwinkel on unsplash

Even though the page is small, it can be used to the fullest. The trick is to form the page with a small garden. Pair the garden grass and one large, nice plant. This will add a cool feel to your minimalist home.

In addition, in this minimalist house you need to apply wall paint that matches the cool feel of the garden. You can use white dominant wall paint and light green accents to make the exterior walls of your house look more natural and natural.

Prioritizing White for a Classic and Luxurious Impression

The exterior of the house is very closely related to the impression caused by the dream house. In order to form a classic and luxurious impression on the minimalist modern luxury house that you will live in, it is necessary to apply white to some of the exterior parts.

Photo by Ralph Ravi Kayde on unsplash

The white color will give a classic impression to the house, so it will be easier to look luxurious. You can use this color for the base color of the exterior walls of the house. But don’t forget to give contrasting accents so the house doesn’t look pale.

Furthermore, you can use white in the application of furniture. Tables and chairs on the terrace, as well as plant shelves in a minimalist home garden are perfect when using white.

Glass Doors and Windows Mounted on the Front Main Wall

Photo by R Architecture on unsplash

The main impression of a modern luxury house is dominated by glass. This is why greenhouses are in great demand, especially for luxury home designs. Greenhouses generally use glass as the dominant wall of the house.

In modern minimalist luxury homes, you can apply this. You don’t need to replace every wall with glass, you only need the main part that uses extra large glass. This can be applied to the front doors and windows.

Saka Terrace Sturdy with Car Garage on the Side

Luxury homes will be more impressed if the supports look large, which is adapted to the theme of modern luxury. You can adjust this by forming a sturdy terrace saka. Saka that looks big will give a dashing impression on the terrace.

In addition, luxury homes need an empty section next to the terrace as a garage. Divide the land in a balanced way so that the terrace and car garage can be arranged properly. So, both can be balanced and give a proportional impression when viewed from the front.

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