6 Inspirations for a Studio Type House, Small but Comfortable

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Land in big cities is getting smaller, but the need for housing continues to rise. This makes innovation in residential also more creative.

One of them is a studio type house. If previously the studio size was identical to vertical housing, this time we can also find it in residential areas.

For those who are single or young couples, a studio-type house can be an appropriate residential solution.

The kitchen, living room, and bedroom, for example, are usually separated from each other without any partitions. This makes the room look much more spacious.

Another advantage of a studio type house is that it can be built on limited land. So this can be a solution for those of you who want to have a landed house but don’t have a large area of ‚Äč‚Äčland.

Here are some studio-type house inspirations that can be applied in an ordinary apartment or residence.

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Studio Type House with Minimalist Partition

studio type house

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If you still want a separator between one room and another, you can copy the inspiration for the studio-type house above.

Use minimalist partition with glass material, will not make the room so narrow. Not only separating the room, the presence of a partition with glass can be a unique decorative element.

The inspiration for a studio type house with a minimalist partition is very suitable to be applied to a studio apartment with a similar concept, for example in a studio apartment Pacific Garden Style or The Loggia Apartment.

Neutral Color Studio Type House

studio type house

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Prefer impression simple on housing? This studio-type house inspiration with neutral colors can be the right choice.

Domination White color with light brown, for example, can be the right combination to make a simple-style room brighter and wider but still stylish.

If these two colors feel boring, you can still add other color accents, for example by placing green plants or paintings.

Not only brown and white, you can also play with many other neutral colors according to your preference.

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Studio Type House with Mezzanine

studio type house

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If you still need additional space in a studio type house, then use mezzanine concept is a must try solution.

As we know it, mezzanine are indoor balconies or additional floors. This concept is often an option when you want to add a room without completely overhauling your home.

Presence mezzanine also makes a studio-type house still look spacious.

There are several residences that present the concept of mezzanine on the residential unit, let’s say Cluster Neo Casa at Emerald Neopolis, Grand Jati Junction Apartment and Villa Meutia Kirana.

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Studio Type House with Glass Mezzanine

studio type house

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Transparent glass divider on the edge of the floor mezzanine can also make your studio type house look more beautiful.

Presence glass material in the room also makes the interior look more modern. If you are afraid of looking stiff, combine it with natural elements, for example using ornamental plants or furniture made of wood.

As in the studio type house inspiration above, the balance between modern and natural nuances makes the interior so attractive.

How? Isn’t it beautiful?

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Warm Color Studio Type House

studio type house

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Want to make your home feel more homey? Use warm colors.

Tone this one color creates a comfortable impression on home interiorvery suitable to be applied in your residence with family.

Add comfortable leather sofas then aesthetic lamp with a dim yellow color to add to the impression cozy on the room.

Of course, you are reluctant to travel if the house looks like the picture above.

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Playful Impression Studio Type House

studio type house

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You can create a studio-type house with an impression playful or cheerful. Not having to use colorful paint on the walls, playing with colors and materials on furniture and other supporting items can also make the room look more ‘cheerful’.

As in the inspiration above, even though it is dominated by white, the game of color and wood material in other parts of the room create a unique blend.

Colorful sofa cushions, blue fur rugs and books on display in various colors make such beautiful decorations.

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How? Are you increasingly interested in the concept of a studio type house?

Hopefully this article can give you a variety of inspiration that can be applied to your home yes!


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