How Attractive is the Type of Duplex House to Live in

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There are various types of houses that can be used as your reference when considering the type of residence to have. Starting from co-op, apartments, to condominiums. For condominium there are two types, namely the type of duplex house and triplex house and both are on the rise.

Usually, this duplex type house, as the name implies, combines two types of designs and usually consists of two floors. Are you curious about how attractive this duplex design is? Here is the information for you.

The Definition of Duplex is Different in Each City

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When talking about the definition of duplex, of course, it varies in each region. If you are in New York, a duplex design is a house that has two floors while a triplex is a residence with three floors. In other cities, the meaning can be different and even cause debate.

There is also a definition of duplex as a condominium consisting of two buildings side by side. The definition is in accordance with what area is being discussed.

Have a Luxurious Look

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Duplex homes are preferred because they have a luxurious appearance but still prioritize privacy for residents of their homes. This is because the house consists of two complete floors and has separate entrances, but shares the same walls.

In addition, the stairs inside give an intimate impression between families that not everyone can enter. Condo with the duplex type, it feels warmer than the apartment because it is equipped with a spacious balcony along with a proper pool condominium other.

Can be lived by more than one family head

If you need a house that can be occupied by more than one family head, a duplex house can be the perfect solution. In addition to having a relatively ‘more pocket-friendly’ price than apartments or villas, duplex residences can still maintain the privacy of each occupant.

Under one roof, you can live together with siblings or parents and obviously the house will feel more lively and fun. But if you only have a small family, renting a duplex condominium to strangers is not a problem.

More Profitable Investment

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As previously mentioned, duplex residences can be used as homes for multi-family or for rent, so if you are looking for a residence that can be an investment, this duplex can be taken into account.

If you’re not going to live with your family, renting it out to someone else or making it an office would be fun too. The rent you get from people who live under the same roof with you can be new income every year.

Consists of many rooms

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Duplex condominium housing is an attractive option to choose if you want a house that covers all your needs. This is because apart from consisting of two floors, duplex generally has a lot of room that can be used. For example, the wardrobe, children’s room and so on.

In addition, duplex can also be equipped with a garage so you don’t have to park your vehicle on the side of the road. Now, more interestingly, this type of duplex can also be designed to have a large living room so it is child-friendly.

Has Various Design Variations

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Duplex houses have various variants or types that can be used as a reference in choosing a design. For example, the type of misionette that is widely used in big cities like Manhattan or Chicago. This type between the first floor with the second floor connected by stairs in the room.

There is also a paired home which consists of one wall, but the door is opposite. This house will be designed like a single large house. Paired homes will provide more privacy to its residents.

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