5 Budget-Efficient Small Living Room Divider Ideas

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We can’t deny the fact, if the concept open plan on house plans is the current architectural trend boom globaly.

But while we like tata open house in theory, in practice we still need to separate the space without having to build a barrier in the form of a wall.

There comes a time when the functionality of the open space decreases, while the aesthetics within it increase.

So don’t be surprised if in the era of open plan In this case, the idea of ​​a small living room divider is the right solution for all the problems above.

In other words, minimalist house divider allows us to separate rooms without completely intersecting one room with another.

However, this kind of room divider still lets air and light flow freely, but still provides clear boundaries between rooms.

For those who are curious, let’s look at some small living room bulkhead ideas below.

5 Simple Minimalist Small Living Room Divider Ideas

Small Living Room Dividers with Storage

small living room divider with storage

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Using a partition for the living room is quite enough tricky. Instead of matching, a barrier that is too excessive will actually make the living room look cramped.

The fix is ​​to arrange a bulkhead that can also be used as a minimalist storage area like the example above.

The idea is to separate the living room from the adjoining kitchen or dining area, without being intrusive tone each room and facilitate the transition of the two rooms.

Open shelving is a practical option that allows light and air to flow unhindered into the living room.

Not only that, such multifunctional furniture can also provide a visual connection between the living room and the room next to it.

This design is great for maximizing the small space in a studio apartment or apartment cozy little houseas in Mustika Park Place.

Minimalist Living Room Dividers with Texture

Minimalist Living Room Dividers with Texture

Photo: Decoist

Maybe what you want is a room divider that only separates two rooms, where multitasking not a top priority.

If that’s the case, then think about adding texture or other unique touches to the living room.

Because most of living room interior Modern ones have been coated with a smooth surface, so you can apply a textured partition like the example above.

A simple enclosure or even a metal mesh may suit certain dwellings, where this kind of super slim divider also takes up very little space.

Small Living Room Dividers with Glass

Small Living Room Dividers with Glass

Photo: Decoist

Add a see-through glass wall or sliding glass door as a divider between the living room and bedroom in studio apartment small, is a pretty trendy choice.

An example is the image above, where the sleek transparent glass panel manages to give it a touch minimalism in the living room and workspace next to it.

Of course, this one idea will be very suitable for multifunctional housing, such as the one in Indonesia Roseville SOHO and Suite.

Small Living Room Dividers with Wood and Glass Elements

Small Living Room Dividers with Wood and Glass Elements

Photo: Livspace

Not only glass, you can combine it with wood like the example of the living room partition above, where the design itself consists of a wooden lattice filled with glass panels.

This divider provides transparency between rooms but still separates the spaces beautifully. To maintain accessibility, openings such as doors must be made in the middle.

Small Living Room Dividers in Scandinavian Style

Small Living Room Dividers in Scandinavian Style

Photo: Decoist

What’s right for one person may not be for another, and your needs for a room divider, both in terms of size and style, can be very different from someone else’s.

But if you happen to like Scandinavian-style minimalism, then this design is worth considering.

Not only beautiful, this minimalist living room also looks very warm and elegant.

Of course, this design fits perfectly with a residence with a similar concept, for example the Cove Villa type house in Sandalwood Homes.

nowSo, those were some small living room bulkhead designs that you can use as a reference.

Hope this article was useful!

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