Ready to Buy Your First Home? Check out these 3 Smart Tips from MotionBanking

JAKARTA – Buying a house is a dream for many people, especially if the house is the first house to be purchased. However, the price property In big cities, especially Jakarta, people often discourage people from buying houses.

With expensive installments and interest, not a few people are ‘intimidated’ when they want to buy a house for the first time. However, with careful planning, people don’t need to be afraid or worried when they want to buy their first house.

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Before buying a house, you need to measure your financial situation and adjust it to the house you want to buy. To help people prepare for their first home purchase, MotionBanking provides the following 3 tips:

1. Condition your income and plan for the future

When you have a plan to buy a house, make a projection of your career stability or income in the future. You must as much as possible maintain or increase the income you have so that the installments that must be paid can be completed properly.

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2. Adjust to the budget

Buying the first house doesn’t have to be luxurious, but it would be better if the house you want to buy is in accordance with the budget you have, especially when someone chooses to pay for the house. Don’t force yourself to buy a house beyond your financial capacity because later it will have an impact on burdensome installments.

3. Plan the appropriate down payment

In buying a house, a person can get light installments by paying a large down payment. Try to take down payments in the range of 40 – 50% of the total price so that the installments that need to be paid in the future will be lighter. One way that people can make larger down payments is to save.

MotionBanking from PT Bank MNC International Tbk (BABP), a subsidiary of PT MNC Kapital Indonesia Tbk (BCAP) under the auspices of the MNC Group provides facilities for people who want to start saving. With MotionBanking, people can get savings interest with an interest rate of up to 3.5% so that their savings will increase.

To become a customer, it’s easy. Download the MotionBanking app on Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore via the following link then fill in your personal data then take a selfie with the Identity Card (KTP). For further information and terms and conditions, please visit www.motionbanking.idcontact MNC Bank call center at 1500188, Whatsapp at 0888-888-8888, email at and Instagram at @motionbankingid.

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