Investigate Houses in Narrow Land, Buy Multipurpose Furniture

JAKARTA – Having a house with a land that is not too big or narrow sometimes makes the owner spin his brain. How to make the house look and feel more spacious?

Various efforts were made by each owner to create a comfortable space to live in. In dealing with this, the narrow space of the house is generally done by rearranging the space of the house. But, make no mistake, a narrow home space can also be a room that remains comfortable.

Launching from House Beautiful Wednesday (6/1/2021), the following are tips for making a house with a narrow area more spacious.

1. Install Tall Curtains

One strategy to make the house more spacious is to make high ceilings. The easiest way to make the ceiling appear higher is to place the curtain handles very close to the ceiling.

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It also allows more light to enter. The room also looks wider when it is bright.

2. Use a Big Mirror

Mirrors can create the illusion of a small room looking spacious. So that the use of mirrors is one of the old tricks that is often used to give a big impression on a room. If possible, install a large mirror. So that it can reflect all corners of the room.

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3. Use Neutral Paint

Choose a paint with a neutral color or earth tone. Like beige, this color can add warmth and make a room clean and spacious. Then the dark gray color, this creates a comfortable and not cramped atmosphere. Then you can also use a dark gray color with a slight green accent.

4. Take advantage of the area under the stairs

The bottom of the stairs is often overlooked by homeowners. Even though this space can be used as a place to store goods. So that the house can be more tidy and spacious. Try to take advantage of this space, by adding drawers with lots of storage.

5. Maximize Walls

Take advantage of the wall as a storage medium. By adding a shelf or just a hanger. This storage can get around a narrow room to make it wider.

6. Buy Multipurpose Furniture

Choose furniture with lots of storage space. In addition to being functional, furniture can also be handled as storage of goods. This will make it easier to organize items, so there is no buildup that can make the room cramped and cramped.

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