Listen Yes! 10 Tips for Decorating a Bedroom to Make it Look Comfortable

JAKARTA – Take a peek at 10 interior decorating tips for bedroom. The bedroom is a private place where you relax or rest to unwind.

Having a bedroom certainly requires comfort, it is often considered the most favorite place in the house. Because, most of the time spent in the bedroom.

In addition to having a bed, furniture such as a table and wardrobe is also needed. Some bedrooms even have an attached terrace or balcony for a breath of fresh air and a view of the green grass.

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The bedroom can help reduce stress and increase opportunities for relaxation. Here are 10 interior decorating tips for bedrooms to make you more comfortable, launched from Homedesignlover, Jakarta, Saturday (8/1/2022):

1. Choose Color

Choose the right bedroom color, namely neutral colors, warm colors, earth tones and pastel colors. These colors are used on walls, ceilings, and furniture. Avoid using bright colors because this will not stimulate you to sleep. Also make sure the color of the furniture and others complement each other.

2. Deciding on the Bed

Determine the bed by choosing the right size. That is, neither too big nor too small. In addition, choose a good, comfortable and suitable mattress so that you too can have sweet dreams.

3. Choosing Wall Decorations

Some people choose to use wallpaper or paint it artistically with a unique texture. But there are also those who just paint them in warm or plain colors and place beautiful framed paintings.

4. Choice of Floor Material

Instead of using cold floors such as ceramic tile, marble or granite, use laminate, wood, or carpet flooring. It is not recommended to use ceramic tiles because it makes the floor cold. However, if you already have a cold floor, place a rug or rug near your bed.

5. Consider Room Traffic

It is important to have good traffic inside the bedroom. The arrangement of furniture greatly affects the traffic in the bedroom. You must allow at least 24 inches for traffic lanes. Clear the path to the bathroom so you don’t stumble on anything on a late night trip in that direction.

6. Choose a Color and Design for the Fabric Area

When choosing bedcovers and curtains, make sure they will look good in the room. Consider the color of your room, can choose darker fabrics if the room is light and lighter fabrics if the room is dark. Then, look for a design that fits the concept of the room.

7. Colors for Curtains

Dark curtains look great especially if the walls are light in color. But if your walls are dark, then use light colored curtains. Also consider contrast in choosing colors for curtains, you may want to use curtains with two layers.

8. Use Illumination

Compared to lights in the middle of the ceiling, you can use lampshades, top lights, and pin lights. Using this type of lighting will give a good mood to the room. It will even be easier for you to rest in that atmosphere.

9. Have Storage Space

It is advisable to have an extra cupboard so as to ensure things are stored properly. Be wise in placing it to save space. The bedroom should be well organized, neat and free from clutter. Having enough storage space will help you avoid clutter.

10. Regulating Ventilation

Ventilation is very important to regulate the temperature so as not to stay in a place that is too hot or cold. If you want fresh and cool air in the room, use a fan. Place it on the ceiling or wall that is farthest from the window or has a wide glass window, allowing sunlight to enter the room.

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