Turn your garage into a New Year’s Celebration Area

JAKARTA – The new year is synonymous with celebrations and happy moments. Usually people celebrate it with a staycation at a hotel or traveling out of town.

However, with this pandemic, the government appealed to stay at home to minimize the impact of transmitting the virus.

Well, don’t worry even if you can’t travel, you can still celebrate it here House. One of them by using the garage as a gathering place with family.

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Even though it looks dirty and neglected, the garage can be transformed into a comfortable place to gather and celebrate the new year with family. Launching from Real Simple, Tuesday (12/29/2020) the following are tips for turning a garage into a family gathering area.

Clean Garage Floor

The garage is usually a place to store vehicles and unused items. Because of that, the garage is the dirtiest and dustiest room.

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Clean the car oil drips and all the dirt on the garage floor by brushing it. For stubborn stains, use baking soda and a damp sponge to clean them. Also use room cleaners and deodorizers.

Tidy Up All Stuff

Some people make the garage as a place to store goods. Starting from used paint cans, unused children’s toys, and many other items.

If the floor and the whole garage are clean of stains and dust, start to tidy up the pile of things. Sort the items, if there are any that are no longer used, they can be thrown away or discarded, and set aside the ones that are still used.

Prepare Equipment

If you want to hold a fire, prepare a burner and other materials. Also put a fan so that air circulation runs and the garage is not stuffy.

Separate places to burn food with casual seating. Also prepare a play area for children.

Add Decoration

If you have free time, add decorations to make the New Year’s celebration more festive. Can use balloon decoration in the form of 2021 numbers.

Don’t forget to prepare speakers for tuning songs, and add trumpets to enliven the atmosphere. Also buy fireworks and firecrackers to light at the turn of the year.

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