6 Important Things Before You Make a Mini Garden on the Balcony

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The trend of cultivating various plants in home balcony is being loved, especially for those urban communities.

For those who live in apartment or residence without a yard, creating a mini garden on the balcony can be a solution.

Indeed, however we still need a natural touch to the place to live, in order to enjoy a lifestyle that is closer to nature.

Many people make a mini garden on their balcony, but before making it there are a few things to consider.

Let’s see the full explanation below!

Establish Intentions in Creating a Garden

Establish Intentions in Creating a Garden

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The balcony in your home may seem too plain and boring, which makes you want to create a new, more organized area.

The garden is one of them. However, make sure whether you are serious about these intentions or just for fun.

It’s important to establish your intentions when you want to create a garden, because basically you involve living things in the form of plants.

Don’t let it happen, you don’t even take care of it and the plants in the garden wither and die.

Pay attention to the area of ​​the balcony

If you have established your intention, you can immediately carry out the execution.

Eits, wait a minute, don’t be careless when you want to create a mini garden on the balcony.

Make sure you pay attention to the available space, before filling it with plants.

This one step can help you in arranging the garden in the future.

Don’t get too excited that the plants you buy can’t be accommodated, because the balcony area turns out to be narrow.

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Determine the Right Plant

Determine the Right Plant

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The next step is of course determining what types of plants are right for your garden.

For those of you who are used to taking care of plants, maybe this won’t be too much of a problem.

But it’s different for beginners, you have to choose plants that are easy to care for and don’t require extra handling.

Also choose plants that can grow in pots rather than in larger soil. So, don’t make the wrong choice.

Pay attention to the arrangement

Pay attention to the arrangement

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Structuring the garden to look beautiful and neat is also important.

Pay attention to the type of pot, its shape and size, and think about where you will place the plant.

If you want to create vertical garden It doesn’t matter, you can take advantage of the existing walls and create a garden without taking up a lot of space.

Arranged properly will also make it easier for you to care for each plant.

For certain plants, make sure they are placed in an area with sufficient sunlight.

Decor according to your taste

Decor according to your taste

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After placing each plant correctly, you can also decorate the mini garden on the balcony according to your taste.

Do you want to create a relaxing sitting area by adding chairs and a table? Of course you can.

Arranging the garden as comfortably as possible will also make it look much more aesthetic.

So you also have your own space to do hobbies or just sit around enjoying a cup of tea.

Consistent in Caring for the Garden

Consistent in Caring for the Garden

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Caring for the garden is not enough just a week or two. You should take the time to water, clean the plants from pests, and more.

Consistency is required in caring for any living being. You also have to treat it with affection every day.

Don’t forget to also be diligent in cleaning the mini garden on your balcony.

Although not directly outside the room, but still dust, dirt and others can make the garden look not as beautiful as it was before.

Making a mini garden on the balcony can be done in a landed house or apartment, for example there is a dwelling Sandalwood Homes, Cambio Loftand much more.

Those are some things you need to pay attention to when you want to create a mini garden on the balcony.

I hope this article is useful, yes.

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