The Most Popular Architecture Design House Interior

The Most Popular Architecture Design House Interior

Architecture design house interior have been developing from time to time. Starting from the humans’ need for a conducive residence, home architecture is not only about the building itself to protect the house owners, but also the visual and beauty of the house. Home architecture designs also change from time to time. Among those a lot of home architecture designs, there are the most popular ones. Here they are.


Mediterranean Architecture Design

This architecture design tends to be applied in tropical areas, where hot weather dominates and the sun shines brightly throughout the year. Inspired by the architecture design from Spain, Italy, and Portugal, the Mediterranean architecture design was introduced in 1918 and started to get popular in 1940. The major element of this architecture design is the presence of red ceramic roofs which are inspired by Spanish and Mexican architecture. The roof itself is usually made from clays and bricks that are shaped like a half tube to facilitate water down and make sure good air circulation.


Contemporary Architecture Design

Contemporary architecture design developed in the 21st century. This kind of architecture design has many variants of style according to the wish and creativity of the architect. So, there is no dominant style. Using the most sophisticated technology, a house built with this contemporary architecture design tends to be stronger and sturdier against the weather compared to houses in the 20th century. Every detail of the house constructions can be built quickly and accurately by using a computer.

The main element of contemporary architecture design is the use of recyclable materials that are not dangerous for the environment. For example, bamboos and granites that are commonly used as the main materials for the interior of contemporary-designed houses. Natural lighting is one of the characteristics of this contemporary architecture design. So, there are always big glass windows in the interior to let natural sunlight get through the house.


Mid-Century Architecture Design

The next most popular architecture design house interior is the mid-century architecture design. Mid-century architecture design was built in 1945 until the 80s. This architecture design was believed to be a solution to create social changes that lead to a better community environment. The characteristics of this architecture design are the presence of large glass windows and open space concept. Mid-century architecture design brings a simplicity impression that is integrated to nature.


Colonial Architecture Design

Colonial architecture design is one of the most popular architecture designs in the US. This house architecture design is the adaptation of European influence on the 18th. In the era, a lot of European people immigrated and built houses with European styles which were adjusted to the weather and environment in the US. The characteristic of the house with this architecture design is the entrance door is located in the middle of the front part. 2 windows are flanking the door. There are also stairs that lead to the entrance door. Moreover, houses with this design are usually symmetrical or square-shaped.

Those are the most popular architecture designs. Which architecture design that attracts you the most?



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