7 Saving Tips to Buy a Home, Can Be Done Early

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The need for housing will never end. Especially now, many young people are starting to realize the importance of owning their own home.

But as we know, housing prices in Indonesia, especially in big cities, are fantastic, so many people finally give up their dream of owning a house.

Don’t give up just yet, one of the easiest ways to buy a house is to save.

You can start setting aside some money if you really want to buy your dream home.

As a reference, here are some tips for saving money to buy a house that can be done early.

Set Realistic Targets

Usually the process of raising money to buy a dream home will be faster if you set a target time.

For example, if you want to buy your own house at the age of 30, you will automatically become more resilient when saving.

But remember, these targets must also be realistic in accordance with financial capabilities.

Create Separate Account

Tips for saving to buy the next house, is to create a separate account specifically.

Its function is so that savings for buying a house are not easily “disturbed” by costs and daily needs.

Creating a special account will also make you more focused when saving. Don’t check often yesso that your savings are already abundant!

Set aside a salary to buy a house

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Payday is the most awaited time. When most people go shopping and eat right away, then make sure you don’t get tempted by the same thing.

It’s better to immediately separate part of your salary into a special account to buy a house that was previously made.

This one tip is useful for avoiding an extravagant lifestyle after payday. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy working hard, but don’t go too far to save money.

Remember, you have an important goal and dream, which is to buy a private home!

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Apply a Thrifty Lifestyle

Apply a Thrifty Lifestyle

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No matter how big your income is, if you often spend money to fulfill a luxurious lifestyle, then don’t expect to have your own house to be realized in the near future.

Therefore, from now on you must adopt a frugal lifestyle.

Stop the habit of buying things that are not really needed, such as expensive bags, clothes, or just have coffee in coffee shop famous.

Even though you feel it is okay to spend money on it, but if you do it continuously then the dream of owning a house will be difficult to come true.

Avoid Using Credit Cards and Debt

Avoid Using Credit Cards and Debt

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The more modern life today, so we can enjoy various technological conveniences, including in terms of finance.

In addition to the existence of a credit card, the form of debt and installments on line through e-commerce also interesting to try.

However, don’t be easily tempted by these features.

Installments and credit cards are the same as debt. If you still have debt, the savings you have will be difficult to collect.

So, consider again if you want to use the above features, yes.

Start Doing Home Price Research

Start Doing Home Price Research

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Tips for saving to buy the next house, is to research the market price for residential treads.

If you know the price range of the house in the targeted location, then this will help the saving process.

For example, if you are targeting to buy a house in the price range of Rp. 500 million to Rp. 1 billion, of course, the right amount of savings needs to be taken into account.

And if interested, the choice of housing located in range the price of Rp. 500 million is in housing Leuwi Gajah ResidenceBandung.

Join the Mortgage Program

If you feel the need to buy a house is getting more urgent, then there is nothing wrong for you to do it mortgage application.

The existence of this program clearly makes it easy for you to realize your dream of owning a private residence.

You can determine the choice of bank and tenor according to your financial ability.

For young people, there is also a special millennial mortgage program, which of course presents various advantages.

Pay attention to interest rates and try to calculate your own rough mortgage installments using mortgage calculator.

Those are some tips for saving money to buy a house that can be done early, even for beginners.

If you have trouble finding a comfortable place to live, you can take a look at some of our selected recommendations, such as: Summarecon Mutiara Makassarand Mustika Village Sukamulya.

Hope this article was useful!

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