Tips for Creating a Relaxing Room in the House


Sanctuary areas or relaxing areas are important in every home. The function of this room can not only be a place to unwind, it can also be a family gathering area.

If you are planning to create a relaxing space in your home, every element you choose must be completely customized and represent the tastes of each person, so that no sanctuary area should be the same as one another.

You also don’t have to match the colors, models, or room accessories just to get a look that is similar to the photo of the room in the magazine. If you like and in accordance with the size of the room it can be realized, but if you do not like it can also be removed.

However, in choosing and arranging furniture that will be used in favorite areas of the house, there are some provisions that can be adapted to the concept of the room itself. This was confirmed by architect Deni Indra. According to him, this simple provision was not made to limit creativity in processing the room, but to help create a warm and comfortable room to use for activities.

These provisions start from the moment you buy the furniture. “Fulfill the most standard needs first as a first step, then choose a model that is durable and not just looking at trends. Make the size of the room the main benchmark,” explained Deni.

In creating a relaxing room that is a little expensive, it doesn’t matter as long as durability is guaranteed. But if you want to get interesting choices, be diligent in hunting for models at various furniture exhibitions.

So, what if different tastes ultimately lead to different style choices? Here are some things to consider when choosing furniture in a personal relaxing area that can make your days with your family more comfortable and enjoyable.

For a family room whose room is not too big, a classic luxurious atmosphere can be realized by choosing a damask patterned sofa upholstery that is elegant and beautiful. There is also to present a simple modern style, it is better if the furniture is chosen with light materials such as metal.

“To keep the cold impression from being dominant, adjust the position of the sofa around the coffee table, so that conversations can be warmer here,” he explained.

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