Tips to beautify your home during Eid


In order to respect guests who visit on Eid Day in the midst of the corona outbreak, there is nothing wrong with beautifying your home. Foto/

JAKARTA – For the sake of respecting guests who visit on Eid Day in the midst of the corona outbreak, there is nothing wrong with beautifying your home. You don’t have to change furniture, even a small touch can make your home look different.

The joy of welcoming Eid is not only about successfully completing fasting. Decorating and rearranging the house will be a challenge and a pleasure in itself. People who are usually reluctant to fix the house will also try to change the appearance of their house to be more neat and clean.

Beautifying the arrangement of the house on the holidays is indeed very diverse. Starting from painting the house, rearranging the furniture, to adding a new collection of furniture. In fact, with creativity, you can change the old room layout to look new. A beautiful room arrangement doesn’t have to keep you busy replacing new furniture with expensive ones or new knick-knacks.

Interior designer Denny Setiawan said, to beautify a residence before Eid, there is no need for a new interior. What is needed is innovation and creativity in utilizing existing items. Especially in conditions like this, of course, it is impossible to carry out major renovations.

“Towards the holidays, usually the most important thing is the living room. The house is said to be good if all the rooms can communicate with the owner and his guests. To keep the living room comfortable, make sure this room has wide window openings and is exposed to sunlight,” said Denny.

It’s not difficult to start arranging the room. The first stage is to replace the old leather sofa with a new motif. The quality of the furniture can also be patched. If the material is made of teak wood, you can use melamine. If the material is ordinary wood, you should use bright colored paint.

“You can also use a sofa cover. If the funds are large, you can replace it with a new one or add a pillow to cover the material that is no longer pleasing to the eye,” he explained.

It is known, the sofa becomes the main furniture to receive guests who come during Eid later. To keep the sofa clean, you must know how to properly clean the sofa according to the type of leather.

In addition, you can change the old wall paint with new shades. If you don’t have much time, you don’t need to paint all the walls. Choose a wall that becomes the center of attention, for example the living room, family room, or dining room.

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