7 Super Stylish Boutique Style Walk In Closet Designs

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Usually a closet is enough to be a place to store clothes, accessories and fashion items other.

But if you have additional space as well budget excess, some people choose to make walk-in closet inside the house.

Term walk-in closet may not be common for homes in Indonesia, but its presence can be very helpful in storing items such as clothes and accessories so they are not scattered.

Walk-in closet is a special room for storing a collection of clothes, shoes, jewelry, and items fashion other. This room can also be a place to dress and make up.

Usually, walk-in closet available in European or American luxury homes or apartments, which are quite spacious and have plenty of space.

Interested in creating a special space for clothes like an artist Hollywood this? Here’s the design inspiration walk-in closet enviable luxury!

Walk in Closet Luxury Classic Style

Walk in Closet Luxury Classic Style

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Design walk-in closet This luxury one is perfect for those of you who like classic style. Like the residence of the nobles, the use of ivory white elements makes it look elegant.

Cabinets and cabinets in a similar style, coupled with the presence of lights chandeliers able to sweeten walk-in closet this one.

Dress or make up to be more fun, like a princess in a European movie.

How, are you interested in imitating inspiration walk-in closet luxury this one?

Luxury Minimalist Walk In Closet

Luxury Minimalist Walk In Closet

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If you prefer a minimalist style, then get inspired walk-in closet luxury this one could be an option.

The dominant white color for shelves and cabinets is combined with parquet floormakes it look clean and sleek.

Even white wardrobes that are classified as neutral will be easy to combine with light colored or patterned clothes walk-in closet still looks aesthetic.

Because of its function as a storage room for clothes and accessories, a clean impression is a must in a walk-in closet.

Walk In Closet Masculine Luxury

Walk In Closet Masculine Luxury

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Who says it walk-in closet only a room that is often used by women? Men can also store a collection of clothes here.

If you’re looking for inspiration walk-in closet luxurious but still suitable for men, then this one design can be an option.

Unlike the previous one, walk-in closet it is dominated by colors dark bedroomsuch as dark gray and black.

Color selection with texture matte on the furniture was successful in creating a masculine impression in the room.

Display your favorite shirts and coats here, then enjoy a cool masculine impression like a ‘literate’ metrosexual man fashion.

Inspiration walk-in closet This one is perfect for a luxury apartment type penthouse or SOHO, like Padina SOHO and Residence.

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Luxury Walk In Closet with Glass Partition

Luxury Walk In Closet with Glass Partition

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Lazy to make walk-in closet big and separate with bedroom design? You can imitate this one inspiration.

The use of glass partitions is actually able to make this clothing storage area more modern and unique.

This idea is also suitable for dealing with a small room, because the glass material can create the illusion of a larger room.

Luxury Walk In Closet with Wood Material

Luxury Walk In Closet with Wood Material

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Luxury doesn’t mean you can’t use natural materials. walk-in closet This one still looks elegant with the dominance of wood in various corners of the room.

The choice of dark wood color can make this clothing area look mysterious and elegant at the same time.

If it feels too dark, you can also combine it with white or cream on the floor or other furniture.

Inspiration walk-in closet This is very suitable to be applied to modern minimalist residences, one of which is in housing Zena BSD.

Walk In Closet with Dressing Table

Walk In Closet with Dressing Table

Photo: homedecorideas.eu

Uniting the clothes storage area with the dressing room is not impossible, as long as the placement is right.

Place shelves and cabinets in certain areas, then leave a special area for the dressing table and mirror.

This design makes you more flexible to dress up and dress every day.

Black and White Luxury Walk In Closet

Black and White Luxury Walk In Closet

Photo: themarketherald.com.au

Color black and white house not always boring. If you are careful in applying it, then the impression of elegance and luxury can amaze anyone.

One of them is inspiration walk-in closet luxury this one. Although this inspiration came from the famous Chanel boutique, but you can really imitate it for walk-in closet at home.

The combination of black and white, as well as shiny furniture makes every outfit or accessory on display look beautiful.

How, very aesthetic isn’t it? That’s some inspiration walk-in closet luxury that you can try to apply at home.

I hope this article provided you with useful information, yes!

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