Minimalist Living Room Wall Paint Colors

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A minimalist living room is a concept that is often presented in modern homes because it can offer a modern impression within limitations. One of the important components in applying this concept is the selection of wall colors. Here is the choice of minimalist living room wall paint colors.

Pine Green Color

Photo by Nathan Oakley on unsplash

There are many types of green that are broken down based on the level of dark, bright and dark color. One type of green color that is recommended to be applied to a minimalist living room is pine green or pine green which is inspired by the spring color of the pine tree.

This color can liven up your minimalist living room so it doesn’t look cramped. use nature concept wall ornaments to strengthen the comfortable natural green impression.

Neutral Color

Neutral colors are the best choice for a minimalist home either on the outside or inside. Neutral colors give a spacious impression to the living room.

Photo by Spacejoy on unsplash

In addition, this color choice is also easier to combine with various ornaments, furniture or room interiors.

Neutral colors that you can choose to use on your living room walls include white, beige, gray and black. Even though it is minimalist, you can still add some decorations such as wall paintings.


Blue is the next minimalist living room wall paint color choice. Blue is very synonymous with the color of the sky and sea which reflects freedom.

Applying this color to the walls of your minimalist living room can be very influential. The reason is, the room will look more spacious and comfortable.

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To get around a living room that has a limited area, you can add a large window.

the size of the window will make you more comfortable seeing the scenery outside the room, rather than paying attention to the size of the living room. In addition, large windows also make access to air and light easier.

Color Blush Pink

Photo by Ralph Ravi Kayde on unsplash

If you like pink, but don’t want pink wall paint to stand out, then pink blush can be the right alternative. The pink blush color has a soft and feminine impression.

You can combine the blush pink wall color with pastel colored furniture such as gray and baby blue. Meanwhile, the walls are left plain without much decoration to strengthen the minimalist impression.


Photo by Sigmund on unsplash

The color of the minimalist living room wall paint that should not be left behind is gray. The use of this color makes a minimalist living room look more attractive and beautiful.

Even though you apply a minimalist concept, you can add a little wall decoration such as paintings and pictures on this gray wall.

Meanwhile, white was chosen as the color combination applied to the sofa, windows and drawers. This gray and white color combination will make the living room look comfortable and pleasing to the eye.

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